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At MotorVise we offer a comprehensive range of services that have been developed to ensure dealerships are ready to face their business challenges head on. With a wealth of in-dealership senior management and sales experience to draw from, we are able to offer advice and practical solutions to help your business thrive.


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Car Sales Events

A range of events for every occasion, including our industry-leading QR Code Events® delivering increased sales & profits.

Sales Incentive System

Get your pre-reg and aged stock cars sold fast and drive excellent sales performance!

Car Dealership Recruitment

A fresh approach to recruitment that works! Find your ideal car Sales Executives, Service Advisors and Reception Host employees.

Training Academy

An extensive range of training courses designed to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of car dealership staff.

Automotive Consultancy

Consultancy support for car and motorcycle manufacturers and dealerships.

Video Production

Quality videos to ensure your company creates a professional and lasting impression.

Some of our customers

What our customers say …

Having done many VIP events in the past I was very sceptical about running a QR Code Select Event, however others in the dealership had said how good they were. We ran a QR Code Select Event this September and had over 170 appointments generated and sold more cars than I've ever sold on a VIP event weekend. I'm now a convert as it was something fresh and new and I would recommend you give it a try.

Neil Rice Sales Manager, Perrys Huddersfield

The event was very good value for money when you take in to account the cost of advertising to attract the volume of candidates, days of filtering CV’s and putting together a professional presentation and having the whole day professionally managed.  With this way of recruiting it is very thorough - you get great quality candidates and get to know them properly before making a recruitment decision and we just had to turn up on the day!

Graham Mundell Regional Director, Drive Bristol