Graham Mundell
Regional Director, Drive Bristol
The event was very good value for money when you take in to account the cost of advertising to attract the volume of candidates, days of filtering CV’s and putting together a professional presentation and having the whole day professionally managed.  With this way of recruiting it is very thorough - you get great quality candidates and get to know them properly before making a recruitment decision and we just had to turn up on the day!
Andy Drinkel
Group Used Sales Manager, Sherwoods Vauxhall
The event was a massive success and was all delivered very professionally. The support from Amy and the team in the office was first class and nothing was ever a problem. We will be doing another one in the future!
Sam Nobes
Group Operations Manager, Richmond Motor Group
We’ve done loads of other off the shelf events over the years, but the QR Code event blew the doors off the dealership. We’ve never sold so many cars in a single event!
Neil Rice
Sales Manager, Perrys Huddersfield
Having done many VIP events in the past I was very sceptical about running a QR Code Select Event, however others in the dealership had said how good they were. We ran a QR Code Select Event this September and had over 170 appointments generated and sold more cars than I've ever sold on a VIP event weekend. I'm now a convert as it was something fresh and new and I would recommend you give it a try.
Ian Lamont
Sales Manager, Roadside Garages
“We were a little apprehensive at the beginning, but after our site visit from Fraser, and having experienced his enthusiasm, it quickly spread amongst our sales team helping us produce probably our best September ever!”
Simon Reeves
Group Sales Manager, Drive Vauxhall
After a pilot of the QR code event at Leamington Spa, we have enjoyed probably the most successful 4-day event ever for this site. So we have now rolled the QR event out 4 times across the Drive Vauxhall group. In addition, we have also used the Sales Incentive System, which is a great way to motivate the sales team at important times.
Adam Ingles
General Manager, Humphris of Oxford
We carried out a recruitment day with DPC as we were in need of practically a whole new sales team. The structured process that they put the applicants through gives a wonderful insight into each of their character traits and you can watch them grow into the role as the day progresses. It was very impressive and I would urge anyone in the industry to use this method.
Steve Stanton
Sales Manager, Perrys
It was good to work with MotorVise on a recent recruitment day and I have to say that I was very pleased with the result! I thought the day they organised portrayed a good image of Perry’s as a company. I liked the fact that we took the time to give positive feedback to each candidate. The fact we offered jobs on the day was particularly valuable and created a greater sense of achievement for the candidates, who I think will be much less likely to have second thoughts. I also felt that the quality of candidate was better. I would use MotorVise for any future recruitment of sales executives.