The ‘Man from the Manufacturer’ event does exactly as it says on the tin and is a low cost event solution.

Invite your customers to come down and meet ‘The Man from the Manufacturer’ for an amazing deal!



Letter type mailer to the customer with a personal invite to customers to receive a deal from the manufacturer directly, which can be fully managed by our events team on your behalf.

Package includes:

  • Letter type mailers fully created and fulfilled for you.
  • Text and Email Communications.
  • Full web management system integrating mailer, text, email and database updates.
  • Event management for training and support.
  • Sell large numbers of cars in a short space of time.
  • Customers driven by discounts and the chance to meet ‘The Man from the Manufacturer’.
  • Significantly increased profit per unit as nothing is given away in screen prices or up front discounts, deal amount is controlled by ‘The Man From The Manufacturer’ (sales management).

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