Tired of running the same ‘VIP’ style event? Introducing The QR Code Event®

Invite your customers to come down and scan a digital scratchcard QR Code to receive a financial incentive towards a new or used car.

MotorVise can offer you something different with The QR Code Select Event®. Proven to be hugely successful, they are designed to help you sell a large number of cars in a short space of time, delivering exceptional conversion ratios from database numbers to sales. Watch the video below!

The QR Code Event


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Why is the QR Code Select Event so successful?

  • Unique alternative to other events – provide’s better results than the traditional VIP.
  • The digital scratchcard QR Code drives customers to the showroom to find out what is hidden behind their personal code.
  • The functionality of the QR code allows you to offer highly tailored deals in line with the customer’s qualified key buying motivations.
  • You retain full control of the deal profitability and are able to achieve significantly increased profit per unit as nothing is given away upfront in on screen discounts.
  • Manageable in all sized dealerships and an ideal solution to boost sales, even in peak months.
  • Very good appointment conversion ratio’s.
  • The event is both fun for customer’s and the staff.
  • It’s very personal – ensuring every customer relieves a positive experience.

What’s included?

  • A glossy personal invitation to the customer.
  • Call volumes manageable within your dealership.
  • Full online contact management system integrating mailers, emails, texts and inbound/outbound calls.
  • Data cleansing ability through the online management system with the customers whom make contact which benefits future marketing.
  • Email and Text communications designed to warmly target the customers to drive them to the showroom.
  • Event management to train and support your staff.
  • Light showroom dress including balloons, bell and tablet.


Let’s Talk! 01325350966

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“We’ve done loads of other off the shelf events over the years, but the QR Code event blew the doors off the dealership. We’ve never sold so many cars in a single event!”

Sam Nobes, Group Operations Manager, Richmond Motor Group Hyundai & Citroen

“We were a little apprehensive at the beginning, but after our site visit from Fraser, and having experienced his enthusiasm, it quickly spread amongst our sales team helping us produce probably our best September ever!”

Ian Lamont, Sales Manager, Roadside Garages Kia & Vauxhall