Tired of running the same ‘VIP’ style event? We introduce to you…

The QR Code Event®

With stats like this, this truly is the best car sales event for car dealerships.

Based on 4500 mailings.

  • 140 responses
  • 120 appointments
  • 108 attend
  • 65 deal

The improved Profit Per Unit you get with The QR Code Event pays for the event twice!

How does The QR Code Event work?

Invite your customers to come down and scan a digital scratchcard QR Code to receive a financial incentive towards a new or used car, and even additional products.

MotorVise can offer you something different with The QR Code Event®. Proven to be hugely successful, they are designed to help you sell a large number of cars in a short space of time, delivering exceptional conversion ratios from database numbers to sales. Watch the video below!

The uniqueness of this eventi, which make it very successful s:

  1. Use of the QR code
    • The inclusion of the QR code drives customer curiosity about what lies behind their code.
    • It can only be read in your dealership.
    • Curious customers = more customer calls!
    • The reveal of offer behind the QR code must be accepted, or declined by the customer.
  2. Use of the MotorVise online communications system
    • Our online management systems allows for highly targeted customer communications schedule, utilising post, email and text communications.
    • To encourage customers to call to make an appointment.
    • To ensure they do not forget their appointment date & time.
    • Results is more calls = more appointments = higher attendance rates.

The QR Code Event

How often can a car dealership run The QR Code Event per year?

The MotorVise team would only recommend running The QR Code Event 3 or 4 times per year. The beauty of this event though, is you can brand the event whatever you like each time. Your customer will never see The QR Code Event branding. Some of the branding we recommend is:

  • Select Event
  • Good News Event
  • Christmas Card Event
  • Black Friday Event

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The QR Code Event Testimonials

“We’ve done loads of other off the shelf events over the years, but the QR Code event blew the doors off the dealership. We’ve never sold so many cars in a single event!”

Sam Nobes, Group Operations Manager, Richmond Motor Group Hyundai & Citroen

“We were a little apprehensive at the beginning, but after our site visit from Fraser, and having experienced his enthusiasm, it quickly spread amongst our sales team helping us produce probably our best September ever!”

Ian Lamont, Sales Manager, Roadside Garages Kia & Vauxhall