Dealership Management Quick Profit Improvement Programme.

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This 5 day consultancy is designed to deliver urgent and fast improvements in bottom line profits. In this programme, every department, product and process is fully reviewed to deliver quick results in terms of car sales and profit per unit (PPU), service hours sold and recovery rate, parts sold, and ultimately bottom line profits.

This 5 or 6 day process requires long hours and commitment from the team to get the most out of the programme. Our consultant virtually lives with you and your management team for as many hours a day as it takes over the programme period. The implementation of any changes is done in a way that your teams will buy into.  Even the most cynical of people will strive to help deliver the recommended changes.

This revolutionary programme delivers results quickly. As early as day 1 we will know if we can make big improvements to your business. If we have any doubt we will advise you of this and will terminate the programme with a single day’s costs incurred and no further expense to you.

If you think we can help your business move forward, please do get in touch with us.

Department Improvement Workshops

These workshops consist of 2 days of on-site activities designed to improve profit in a department that needs to significantly improve its gross and net profit or CSI performance. The workshops begin with a half day immersion in the department accounts followed by a half day observing the department as it stands.

This is followed by an evening session with all staff in the department, who are encouraged to give their input as to the problems and solutions as they see them. Don’t underestimate the insight and experience within your teams, which if carefully managed, also encourages ownership of the solutions at the end of the workshops.

We will then work with individuals or groups within the team, and with the department manager looking at the issues and building processes and solutions to rectify them. The final half day is spent putting actions in place, building long terms plans and issuing tool kits to the manager and team members to help them deliver the required improvements.

If you think you could use some help to turn around an under-performing department, please do get in touch with