F&I Profit Health Check

Are you making between £300 and £450/unit F&I income?

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F&I consultancy days can have dramatic impacts on profits in sales departments. On certain sites this review activity has increased F&I income by five times, adding 30% to overall profit per unit!

We can review every aspect of your finance business including:

  • Historic finance performance and deal structure analysis
  • Finance company appointment and procurement
  • The structure of finance deals with finance companies inc DIC, % charges, buy in rate, volume bonus
  • Buying in anonymous benchmarking against other dealers’ rates to help you maximise your profits and buy the right finance in the first place
  • Analysis and management of links between stocking charges and retail paper
  • Review of finance commission calculation systems and placement of business

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Business Manager Installations

Are you making £400 per retail sale from F&I products?

Do you sell more than 450 cars per year?

Do you have a Business Manager? Are they a Business Manager or a complete Transaction Manager?

We can present to you on the opportunities, the risks and the potential rewards from properly managed F&I management.

It is our belief that the traditional Business Manager and referral process is totally out of date. We believe the term “Transaction Manager” better describes F&I as an integrated part of the sales process, and not a bolt on referral at the end, as some manufacturers and finance houses see it.

We have industry-leading ideas on pay plans to maximise F&I product penetration whilst retaining the focus on the overall department GP, rather than just moving money from chassis to F&I as skilled Business Managers have traditionally done.

We can manage recruitment, training, department change management and integration of a fully integrated Business Management function within your sales department. This can be achieved with minimum disruption. We have an off the shelf tool kit that is tried and tested throughout numerous dealerships and always delivers industry leading F&I performance.

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