Digital Marketing Consultancy

Looking to create, or make the most of your digital presence and don’t know where to start? Need help developing a robust digital marketing plan? Let us guide you. We can help you to create a digital marketing strategy to deliver measurable results in terms of brand-development and lead-generation. Achievement of this will include the following services:

  • Website updates & creative development. We will manage your web presence in terms of up to date content and latest offers.
  • Management of your PPC and AdWords to maximise expenditure.
  • Management of your social media accounts (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram) to drive traffic through to your company website.
  • Monitor click through rates, conversions and enquiries to measure success and make changes as required.
  • Outbound email marketing campaigns to customer and DealerWeb databases.

Marketing Consultancy

This consultancy package is aimed at improving every aspect of marketing within your business.

We conduct a full marketing audit which will include the measurement of local awareness and customer retention along with footfall and enquiry generation. We will then put processes in place to improve all these areas with the primary focus being to improve and deliver the maximum number of enquiries for the least amount of marketing spend.

The next step is to look at direct mail and event marketing and to make recommendations to generate “instant” quick results, delivering big boosts to sales within days!

In follow up to the on site consultancy we will provide an action plan with full guidance and help, including tips on how to turn the plan into action resulting in more enquiries and more profit!

This package includes 2 days on-site consultancy, 1 day off-site reporting, and telephone follow up support.

Please contact us for details.


Creating a Business Development Centre

Many dealerships are seeing the benefits of having their own Business Development Centre (BDC) which allows an efficient and seamless customer communication process that is delivered consistently and to the best effect every time.

If you are thinking of setting up a BDC for your business, call us. We’ve seen the best, and have helped rescue some of the worst. So if you are considering this, let us help you avoid the pitfalls and guide you to seeing excellent returns.

Let’s Talk! 01325 637 251