Work with a UK top 5 dealer group Purchasing Manager

Making more money in your dealership is not always easy. Making huge savings on your purchases can be a much easier way of increasing your profits. At MotorVise we have a wealth of in-dealership senior management experience, and specialist purchasing consultancy experience, offering a proven track record in commercial negotiation within the motor industry.

Having spent the last 10 years saving 2 of the Top 10 dealer groups £millions we have extensive knowledge of their suppliers & commodity costs which can use to measure against your current suppliers / prices and either use to either negotiate favourable rates with your own suppliers or negotiate new contracts with new suppliers. Either way, you win! Ultimately our benchmark prices will improve cost management and increase profitability. We can also review and rewrite terms & conditions as necessary.

  • Let us come and take a look at your purchase ledger over a 3 day period.
  • We will then report where we view the potential cost savings to be and what they could be worth to you.
  • If you decide you would like to take advantage of these potential savings, we would then work with your purchase ledger team to create a purchasing manual and set up contracts with all your key suppliers to lock down your costs for the future.

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