About MotorVise

The Reception Host Development Programme is built on a modular platform which starts with the 1-day foundation course which is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of all new and existing dealership Reception Hosts.

The foundation course is supplemented with 1-day workshops which focus on the key skills for Reception Hosts to excel in their job role.  

The Reception Host Foundation is designed to provide a clear understanding of the ‘Customer Experience’ operating framework and delivers the core skills, behaviours and competencies required to maximise personal performance as a Reception Host. Read Course Overview

What’s next?

Our range of 1-day development workshops further build on the skills, behaviours and competencies delivered on the foundation courses and offer continuous professional development, helping Reception Hosts to achieve their full potential in their role. Simply pick and mix from the range of workshops, depending on the individual development priorities. If you’re uncertain then our suggested development programme is as follows:


This workshop will help to optimise business performance and improve customer satisfaction by providing a conversational level of understanding of how a motor vehicle works. It will enable you to communicate more effectively with your customers regarding the servicing, repair and maintenance of their vehicle. Read Course Overview


This workshop will identify the reasons why customers complain and introduce a complaints handling process to direct the dealership response, stressing the link between the way complaints are handled and customer retention and loyalty. Read Course Overview