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Many dealer groups have tried to manage their own in house call centres, (BDC’s), often dogged by high costs and low outputs because of the lack of understanding of call centre management.
So why do it in house when you can off load all the hassle and work on an on-demand basis.

Here at DPC we’ve developed a range of contact centre support services.  Our team have many years of sales experience, including face to face,  so understand the importance of not just making appointments, but making good quality appointments. Quality appointments are as a result of generating committed customers that will attend, and then spend which is just as important!

Services we offer include:

  • B2B appointment making.
  • Scheduled renewals prospecting of your sales customers.
  • Sales event prospecting.
  • Aftersales service reminder follow ups.
  • VHC amber follow up.
  • Sales department follow up calls and lost sales analysis.