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Want to save money on your motor trade insurance policy?

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For retail customers looking for car or home insurance you have websites like “Go Compare” and “Compare The Market.” Well we do exactly the same for motor trade insurance policies. Working with a number of different insurance underwriters we can get you the best possible insurance quote. We don’t do any other type of insurance only motor trade insurance policies, so we are specialists and saved some of our customers up to 40% off their annual premium.

We will come to your business for a day and do a full assessment of your business needs and business risks. By doing this we ensure we provide you with the right policy, the right level of cover and we fully understand the level of risk in your business. This means we approach the right selection of insurers on our panel that match your business needs highlighted during our visit. We then get back the various quotes from the different insurers we work with, and almost always save you a significant amount of money!

Don’t wait until your renewal date contact us about 3 months before so we can be sure to give you the highest level of service and get you the best cover at the right price!