Get your pre-reg and aged stock cars sold fast and drive excellent sales performance with the MotorVise car sales incentive system! 

It has been designed to be used in conjunction with sales events, showroom promotions or even for a sales push over a targeted time period in order to achieve your sales targets.

How It Works, Put Simply …

  • Sell cars to ‘earn’ points.
  • Points can be spent on fun, online games to win prizes!

With 6 quick and easy games to choose from it couldn’t be easier to play. It won’t take up much of your sales team’s time but will inject some light-hearted competition in the showroom with individual and group franchise performance tables!

Car sales incentive system

What Can You Expect?

  • A simple, intuitive system which will be branded to your company identity.
  • Fun online games for the team to play to win prizes chosen by you.
  • League tables track car sales creating friendly inter-branch competition!
  • Live news feed on who has won prizes on the online system.
  • Allocate more points for selling finance or additional products.
  • Management information so you can track who has made a sale and what prizes have been claimed.
  • A great way to motivate everyone to make sales!

You’re In Control!

  • You choose who takes part.
  • You set the budget.
  • You choose the prizes (cash, merchandise, vouchers etc).
  • You authorise sales and allocate points so retain full control!
  • But we’re here to help and guide you!

Are you ready to awaken your car sales team? Contact us for more information.