The traditional interview has long been the default method for assessing candidates during the automotive hiring process. However, it’s increasingly more evident that traditional interviews have major limitations. Standard automotive recruitment interviews typically emphasise hypothetical scenarios or hypothetical questions. Only considering hypotheticals may not accurately reflect a candidate’s practical skills or problem-solving abilities in a real dealership situation. The constructed nature of traditional job interviews can make it difficult for candidates to showcase their true capabilities. Alternatively, some candidates may excel in interviews but struggle when it comes to translating their proposed skills into actual performance.

What’s more, traditional, formal interviews can be very stressful for candidates, leading to performance anxiety that may hinder the candidate’s ability to demonstrate their actual skills and true personality. Feeling nervous, stressed, or anxious during an interview can result in candidates underperforming or not fully demonstrating their abilities. Resulting in hiring managers missing opportunities to identify highly capable candidates who may excel in the role given a more apt environment or a more thought-out evaluation method. When we consider the fast-paced and dynamic automotive industry, hiring the best people is vital for success. Effective automotive recruitment not only ensures that dealerships have the right people in the right job roles but also secures long-term success.


To make more informed hiring decisions, dealerships should consider alternative methods that enable a more holistic view of candidates’ abilities, such as skills assessments and performance-based evaluations. By moving on from traditional interviews and opting for a more comprehensive evaluation, hiring managers can increase their opportunities of identifying the best-fit quality candidates who will thrive in their new job and contribute to the long-term success of the business.


The automotive industry is competitive, meaning that attracting and retaining skilled, high-quality candidates is essential for a dealerships success. Effective recruitment processes create a positive company image, showcasing the dealership as an attractive and desirable place to work. This encourages applications from strong, competent candidates who have a genuine interest in working for the dealership. An effective recruitment process also benefits hiring managers as they are able to meet and assess numerous quality candidates, enabling them to choose the best-fit candidates for their dealership.   


Effective recruitment processes can considerably improve a company’s operational efficiency. By investing in a streamlined, expert-led automotive recruitment service, hiring managers can benefit from saving time and resources. From reviewing and filtering CVs to organising candidates on a recruitment event, effective recruitment services will take care of all administration. Enabling hiring managers to experience an easy, low stress way to hire multiple high-quality candidates in one day. Moreover, a well-structured recruitment process minimises delays in filling vital job positions. This is accomplished through reducing administrative demands, condensing recruitment costs, and ensuring the dealership maintains optimal staffing levels to meet business needs.


Successful recruitment is not just about filling job positions immediately; it is about identifying quality candidates who are the right fit, with the potential for long-term success within the dealership. Effective recruitment strategies combine thorough candidate assessments, including performance-based assessments, long-term career aspirations, and growth potential. By finding the right people with the dealership’s values and goals in mind, hiring managers can build a winning team. A winning team is one that remains dedicated, motivated, and invested in their new role and long-term career aspirations.


MotorVise automotive recruitment events have been exclusively designed by industry experts with a sole focus on hiring for dealerships. In-house office teams take care of all administrative tasks. From advertising roles and reviewing hundreds of CVs, through to organising candidates on the recruitment day, all administrative burden is removed from the hiring dealership. On the day there are various skills assessments and performance-based evaluations. These assessment and evaluations showcase a holistic view of each candidate to allow their true personalities and skills to shine.

These expert-led recruitment events allow automotive hiring managers to view numerous quality candidates in just one day. Candidates go through multiple tasks to assess their teamwork abilities, personality traits, career motivations and customer service interactions. The hiring managers then have the unique opportunity to observe candidates’ behaviours to evaluate if they are the right fit. What’s more, hiring managers have the ability to interact with and ask questions to stand-out candidates who spark their interest.

The automotive recruitment process set out by MotorVise is vital for dealerships seeking sustainable growth and success. Recruitment events are expertly designing to attract quality candidates, enhance operational efficiency, and nurture long-term success. Furthermore, holistic recruitment events enable companies to gain a competitive edge in a fast-paced and dynamic industry. Implementing effective and well-tested recruitment processes and investing in hiring quality candidates not only fills current job roles but also paves the way for the future success of the hiring dealerships.

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