Car salesperson closing techniques

Car sales is a very different game to what it was even as recently as a couple of years ago.  Customers have so many methods of buying a car nowadays and the information they need is at their fingertips. This means that the role of the car salesperson has changed from selling a car to somebody to helping individuals buy the car that is right for them.

Whilst nobody mourns the passing of the “gift of the gab” salesman, we still need to sell our products to meet the needs of the customer and optimise our profitability. This demands a certain skill set and approach which many dealers have neglected in recent times. Availability might be one reason why the sale has become quite a bit easier, and some might feel that if one customer says “no” the next one along will buy. This isn’t always the case of course and there is never a guarantee that the next customer will come along.  Therefore, there is a requirement for the salesperson to have the ability to get the deals over the line.

Closing any sale starts with the same thing. A good, disciplined sales process throughout the entire interaction with the customer. This is essential for any salesperson to have any degree of success. Without building the foundation of a strong relationship, the salesperson has no right to expect the customer to want to buy their product over a competitor.  Moreover, the salesperson has not built sufficient value into the overall proposal and they haven’t built a relationship that allows them to command any sort of premium over the competition. If the salesperson asks intelligent questions to understand the customer’s needs they can help the customer make an informed decision. Getting to know the customer also leads to salespeople building credit in the relationship.

Once we have carried out an effective test drive and manoeuvred the discussion towards a trial close, we can negotiate and close on an agreed transaction. Many salespeople struggle with this and are reluctant to ask the customer for their business. Fear of rejection often stands between a salesperson and closing the sale.

Only by following a strong, customer centric process will you be able to optimise the outcome with each customer.  Most customers will pay a small premium to deal with someone they like and have a rapport with.  Has your team forgotten how?

It may be worthwhile investing in your sales team and allowing them to develop the necessary skills to establish trust with customers and, in turn, deliver improved close rates. MotorVise have written and delivered their Sales Excellence course to many automotive retail partners who have improved their sales performance significantly.  If you would like to learn more, visit our website at or call our team on 01325 637251.

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