Challenges with Electric Vehicle Training: Why the Majority Falls Short

The shift towards electric vehicles represents a multitude of challenges for manufacturers. Not only from an operational capacity but also from a sales and distribution point of view. Regardless of agency agreements they’re still reliant on their dealer network to effectively handle enquiries. From the initial contact to completion, it is safe to say the EV sales process is fundamentally different from that of an equivalent ICE. As a result, a number of EV training programs, have been developed, accommodating for rising demands and technological advancements. However, despite these efforts there are several reasons why some would argue the current electric vehicle training provided might not fully meet the needs of the market.

The vast majority of these training programs focus mainly on basic EV functionalities and little on the actual ownership experience. Which, let’s be fair, is a huge part of the transition for a buyer. Educating salespeople of the intricacies of EV ownership including critical data such as journey planning, infrastructure, the cost of electricity in kWh, electricity tariffs dedicated to EV and the physical process of plugging a car in. Not just looking at the various charger types but actually going through the same experience an EV driver does, including the associated pitfalls, widens their knowledge base dramatically.

Customers often rely on dealership staff for guidance in understanding electric vehicles. Salespeople lacking in-depth knowledge due to insufficient training will no doubt be hindered in their ability to convert EV opportunities. It is vital salespeople have the skills to convey crucial information needed to cut through the mist of ‘fake news’. In turn, debunking the incorrect information that currently exists surrounding EV ownership.

In conclusion, whilst there’s a clear recognition training has a large part to play in preparing dealers for the EV revolution, the current approach in my opinion has serious limitations in providing comprehensive knowledge and support. To better cater for the evolving EV landscape, there’s a growing need for a more specific, in-depth, and up-to-date training programs. Training programs that address the intricacies of electric vehicles. This will not only benefit the manufacturers and their dealer partners but also massively enhance the overall customer experience.

Echoing this sentiment, Motorvise MD Fraser Brown, alongside automotive experts, has developed an electric vehicle training course. Designed to fill serious knowledge gaps that exist with an engaging and experiential training programme. The EV training programme covers ‘real world’ scenarios and immerses salespeople into the world of EV. In effect, creating confident, knowledgeable, and competent dealer representatives. The goal is to help dealers transition to a market that, as of Jan 1st, 2024, will look significantly different. By then, 22% of their registrations must be EV’s. Something that I hazard a guess to say they’re not currently ready for?

Find out more about the Motorvise EV training program here

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