Achieving quality photo and video footage for your dealership
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Achieving quality photo and video footage for your dealership

As the COVID-19 crisis evolves, utilising photo and video is crucial to dealerships that are increasingly relying on online sales as customers practice social distancing.

For those of you who need a little help with photography and videos, we have put together a simple guide for producing high-quality content in order to drive enquiries and keep the wheels turning during this period of uncertainty.

Two things to bear in mind whether you are shooting a photo or video.

 1. Background

– Consider the background. Ensure it is clean, tidy, pleasing on the eye and reflects the image that you want to portray as a company.
– Make sure your background is visibly balanced. Try not to have too much going on in one side on the shot in order to ensure the eye is drawn to the centre.

2. Lighting

– Use front-facing lighting by placing the light directly in front of the subject to bring out detail, eliminate shadows and create a professional feel.
– Lighting can be natural, existing showroom lighting, or designated photography lights.
– Look at the picture before shooting. Don’t be afraid to move yourself or the subject in order to achieve the best shot with the minimum amount of shadows.

Additional photo specific advice

Allow your camera/phone time to focus so you can have the sharpest photo available.
– Try multiple angles when taking pictures to capture a range of shots.
– Take lots of shots. This will give you more options when choosing your final images.

Taking quality video footage

– Audio quality is crucial and it could be argued that it is more important than the professional quality of the video. Most people would be willing to watch a video that hasn’t been filmed in HD or that might be a little grainy, however fuzzy, unclear audio is usually enough to make anybody click off your video.
– Use a microphone, if possible, to reduce background noise.
– Find a way to steady your filming device by using a tripod or placing it on a stable surface.
– Camera presence …

– Project your voice and use a positive tone.
– Slow down slightly when you talk and make the effort to enunciate clearly.
– Use calm open body language.

Creating a video using your phone

It is still possible to capture professional video footage using your phone. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

– Use the camera on the back of your phone as it is usually better quality than the one on the front.
– Record your video with your phone horizontally. This will ensure your footage is also suitable for viewing on larger devices, not just on phone screens.
– If your phone has the feature, enable grid view. This will help you to keep your phone level and avoid tilted footage.

We hope you find our photo and video advice helpful. For other advice and guidance for your dealership, contact our team on 01325 776410.


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