MotorVise Unveils Game-Changing Programme to increase EV sales mix

Automotive consultancy MotorVise has launched a unique sales programme designed to boost dealerships’ electric vehicle sales mix by more than 20%.

Currently, 80% of car buyers would not consider an EV due to preconceived and often misleading notions based around cost and range – leaving the motor trade devoting a disproportionate amount of marketing spend on just 20% of potential customers.

The MotorVise Enhancing EV Mix Programme represents an industry first that is designed to expand that pool by rewriting the showroom sales experience and changing attitudes and perceptions.

Surveys carried out by the consultancy reveal that a majority of sales teams are hampered by a shortfall in general EV sales training.

Such training embeds EVs firmly within the sales process and gives salespeople the knowledge to ask the right qualifying questions and offer accurate answers around  practical ownership and means every customer will be offered an EV option.

Sales teams are encouraged to spend more time with customers to understand their current and future vehicle needs, taking into account different powertrains and the significant differences in customer journey requirements.

The best opportunity to boost EV sales is during loyalty events for existing customers, who are more likely to engage with a trusted dealer.

By holding a one day course on EV ownership knowledge gaps prior to a maximum order take period, a dealership can drive its EV mix up at the most important time.

The process begins by sending a proven incentive to all customers who may be considering a vehicle change to make an appointment as part of s sales event at the showroom. A series of communications are also sent aimed at engaging and educating the customer regarding EVs.

These are aimed at getting the potential customer to consider different fuel types, mileage covered, electricity tariffs, and where their vehicle is parked at night. They will also be sent a link to a site busting the many myths around EVs.

Once at the showroom, the customer will also be shown the financial options balancing vehicle cost and fuel cost, using MotorVise’s EV cost comparison tool, which highlights fuel savings between the internal combustion engine and EV, together with an invitation to take a test drive.

Fraser Brown, founder and managing director of MotorVise, said: “This programme is designed to increase a dealership’s EV sales mix by radically rewriting the traditional and outdated customer experience framework – replacing it with a new embedded sales process that encourages all customers to seriously consider the benefits of EV ownership, perhaps for the first time.

“Most retail customers are unresponsive to EVs, and we want to change that and make dealerships more profitable by empowering sales teams to change perceptions simply by educating and informing customers.”

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