The QR Code Event® is a highly tailored showroom sales event that delivers exceptional sales conversion rates.
As such it is fast becoming the event of choice for car dealers.


A Peugeot dealer in the West Midlands ran a QR Code Event in Q3 2018. They achieved the following results from 1982 mailers:

44 appointments
30 sales
68% conversion

A Peugeot dealer in the West Midlands ran a QR Code Event in Q3 2018. They achieved the following results from 1982 mailers:





  • Personalised customer communications in line with franchise corporate identity.
  • Bespoke QR and appointment management systems for tracking customer interactions.
  • Online customer contact management system integrates mailer, text and email communications.
  • Mailer – appointment – attendance rates driven by customer intrigue about what lies behind their code.
  • Enhanced PPU due to no upfront screen prices or discounts.
  • Deal stacking is tailored to the customer and is controlled by your dealership Sales Manager.

Average Peugeot appointment to sales conversion rate:



  • The customer communication journey.

    The customer receives an event invitation containing a ‘unique’ QR code which contains a personal financial incentive that can be used towards a new or used car. The postal invitation is followed up with targeted email and text communications, encouraging customer response.

    Thanks to our unique contact management system, once a customer has been in touch they are removed from any further communications regarding the event.

  • How the QR code is used in the event.

    The QR code acts like a digital scratchcard that can only be read in the dealer showroom. It links to a dedicated site that details the customer offer which is revealed at the end of the dealer’s normal sales process during the event. The intrigue as to what lies behind the QR code helps to drive the high customer response rate to the event communications, improves appointment attendance rates, and helps the Sales Executive close the sale and therefore improves sales conversion rates.

  • What you need to do/provide.

    We manage the full process of event fulfilment from invitation design, print, text & email communication schedules. We only ask you to:

    1. Provide the customer database selected using the parameters we provide.
    2. Provide the name/job title that appears on the invitation.
    3. Decide how incoming calls will be managed (We have a call centre partner that we can recommend who have provided this service on hundreds of events.)
    4. Ensure your Sales Manager and sales team are available for training prior to the event.
    5. Be ready to sell cars during the event!

    We do the rest!



Our team have an extensive range of skills gained from within and outside the motor industry. As such we are confident in our ability to deliver a first-class service to the dealerships & manufacturers we work with.

  • Extensive experience working at dealer management and manufacturer level.
  • We understand how to sell cars!
  • Passionate about providing solutions to improve the business performance and bottom line of automotive dealerships.
  • Experienced in broad spectrum of disciplines incl. event management, call centre management, creative & print fulfilment, digital marketing, training and systems development.
  • "Having done a number of events over the years I was very happy with the result during the QR Code Event. Although not as many appointments were made they were far stronger. The intrigue created for the customer as to what was behind their code really helped ensure we had minimal no shows and enjoyed one of our best ever weeks."

    Brent Walker-Drew
    Brand Manager, Rybrook MINI
  • "After a pilot of the QR code event at Leamington Spa, we have enjoyed probably the most successful 4 day event ever for this site."

    Simon Reeves
    Group Sales Director, Drive Vauxhall
  • “Having done many VIP events in the past I was very sceptical about running a QR Code Select Event, however we ran one and had over 170 appointments generated and sold more cars than I've ever sold on a VIP event weekend. I would recommend you give it a try.”

    Neil Rice
    Sales Manager, Perrys Vauxhall, Huddersfield
  • "We were a little apprehensive at the beginning, but after our site visit from Fraser, and having experienced his enthusiasm, it quickly spread amongst our sales team helping us produce probably our best September ever!"

    Ian Lamont
    Sales Manager, Roadside Vauxhall
  • "We’ve done loads of other off the shelf events over the years, but the QR Code event blew the doors off the dealership. We’ve never sold so many cars in a single event!"

    Sam Nobes
    Group Operations Manager, Richmond Motor Group Hyundai & Citroen
  • "Great Event! I have run it quite a few times, and works really well every time. Both customers and staff love it, a great value event!"

    Dan Pierce
    Group Sales Manager, Midlands Vauxhall